The YouTube Video That Changed My Life.

Testimonio de una amiga de EEUU. ¡Gracias Señor por facilitar a nivel mundial la concientización de nuestro tema del Trastorno Disfórico Premenstrual! Por la lucha de todas las Mujeres que padecemos este problema de Depresión Reproductiva.

The Premenstrual Problem

I am very blessed to say that I speak two languages. My mother tongue is English, and as an adult I learned to speak Spanish. My husband is from South America and we only speak Spanish in the house. After being diagnosed with PMDD, I joined a number of Facebook groups to connect with others and to learn as much as I could about this disorder. To my surprise, I learned that the SSRI medications were not a long-term answer to this problem. I was feeling great, but I learned from others that this feeling wasn’t going to last. However, in the moment I felt fine, and once again I was able to get out of bed and take care of myself. I didn’t know how long this would last, so while at the moment I felt okay, I wanted to find a long-term solution.

A couple of months after…

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